Downtown Decatur Neighbors (DDN) is a non-profit association that is open to all who live primarily in the Downtown Decatur Neighborhood, or who own property within the Downtown Neighborhood, or who maintain a place of business within Downtown, or who is a nearby neighbor with an interest in the quality of Life In Downtown Decatur.

Recognizing that a large percentage of all Decatur residents live in the downtown area, primarily in condos and apartments, we created the Downtown Decatur Neighbors to:

  1. Engage effectively with city government on quality of life issues including greenspaces; zoning and ordinances; walkability; safety; and seniors.
  2. Present ideas and gather support for improvements that enhance the livability of the downtown area for all neighbors.
  3. Enable downtown residents to learn of shared concerns and experiences so we can address these together.
  4. Encourage the creation of new relationships and the building of our growing downtown community.

We meet bi-monthly on the second Wednesday of the odd-numbered month. For now the meetings will be via ZOOM. Small committee meetings may be held in person depending on the attendees and locations.

To stay informed Please add your name to our email list