It is through the Downtown Decatur Neighbor’s committees that you can volunteer to help us make progress and improvements to our quality of life. If nothing fits your interests – Please let us know and we will find a fit.

Committee meetings are generally scheduled at mutually convenient times during the even months of the year. (The General Membership meeting is in the odd months.)

Contact Committee Chairs via email at

The following are Downtown Decatur Neighborhoods Standing Committees.

Public Spaces
Responsible for the DDN activities related to parks,
greenspaces, plazas and other public lands.

Public Safety
Responsible for neighborhood activities related to enforcement of quality of life ordinances like Noise and Safety and is our liaison for police and fire issues.

Planning and Development
Responsible for our activities related to planning, zoning, development and traffic.

Works to include seniors in our activities especially related to mobility and affordability.

Coordinates our strategy and distribution of information via the website, social media and emails.
The DDN Communications Volunteers are the main outreach to our residents by serving as a contact for each residential building in the downtown area. Please contact the Communications chairperson for a job description, location of vacancies and more information.

To contact a Committee Chair or receive more information,
please email