Downtown Park



Downtown Decatur desperately needs more parks and plazas.  What little greenspace exists is disappearing.  Developers are building more condos and apartments – bringing thousands of new residents.  If we do not act soon, it will be too late.

You can help by serving as a Downtown Decatur Park Ambassador at the Book Festival.  Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Pick-up Downtown Decatur Park Business cards.  Meet DDN Public Space Chair Nikki Economou at 10:00AM Saturday morning in front of the the Old Decatur Courthouse.  She will be wearing a green “Downtown Decatur Park” T-Shirt and holding a couple boxes of cards.  Email to make alternative arrangements.
  2. Attend the AJC Decatur Book Festival & wear a Green shirt or your Downtown Park T-Shirt.
  3. Hand-out the information cards to everyone & tell them why we urgently need a Downtown Decatur Park.
  4. Recruit your neighbors to get involved. Ask them to send an email or attend a meeting.  It’s how things get done.
  5. Learn more Visit the website
  6. Like us on Facebook. Invite your friends to like us on Facebook.

Downtown Decatur Park 8-20-16 Presentation