Public Spaces

The Public Spaces Committee is responsible for working with the Public Spaces Chair on the neighborhood organization’s activities related to parks, sidewalks, roads*, plazas & other public lands.

Their main focus is to create a downtown park and more quality greenspace in the downtown neighborhood. While that work continues, DDN has partnered with the City Schools of Decatur and the City to establish a temporary park at the corner of Trinity Place and Commerce Drive.

*Sidewalks and roads have become a focus of the Public Safety Committees and it will be reflected in a future bylaws change.

For more information send an email to the chairperson c/o

The DDN request over the years has been simple and consistent.  We have asked that a Downtown Planning Process be used for identifying and providing essential and desirable amenities for the residential component of the mixed-use development in the commercial downtown district. Quality of Life issues are at the heart of downtown livability. 

 At the heart of Quality of Life in downtown is greenspace.

The other impetus for the creation of Downtown Decatur Neighbors was the recognized need and benefits of a downtown Park.  A great downtown has a great park. We believe a downtown plan is the appropriate conduit for the realization of this goal.  DDN has worked with the Decatur Schools to create a useable urban, passive temporary park space at Trinity Place and Commerce Dr. We are urging the City, Decatur Schools, Housing Authority, and community to join together to acquire the “Temp Park” as permanent downtown greenspace. The preservation of this permanent park land would open a significant opportunity to create a green outdoor corridor from the Ebster complex, to the downtown Square, to the cemetery.