Making a Difference

crosswalk with words

Crosswalk and intersection safety is a high priority for downtown residents. Maintaining crosswalks and managing intersection safety is a constant challenge for our city and we support their efforts. Reducing the many driveway curb-cuts and increasing ADA accessible and walkable sidewalks is on the DDN Wish List.

Downtown Master Plan
Advocacy for a downtown master plan was an impetus for the founding of DDN. Thank you to the city for their pledge to have the downtown planning process in 2022. Downtown residential communities require higher levels of engagement with its residents. Integration of residents and downtown businesses can bring more harmonious outcomes.

Birthed the West Ponce District
The DDN sponsored a West Ponce Dialogue between residents and businesses feeling left out of the activities focused on the area around the Square. Safety and a signature event were their priorities. Many residents joined the DDN public safety committee and with the city’s help, The West Ponce Music Stroll was born.

Provide Downtown Resident Input on City Policies
Many issues impact the quality-of-life for downtown residents and their voice needs to be at the table. From e-scooters to noise to requests to increase parking in the pedestrian district, the DDN works through its committee process to bring the residents opinions into the city’s decision-making.


Sponsor Candidate Forums
Candidate forums for all elections that represent downtown are held (when pandemics permit) to provide residents and others the opportunity to hear the candidates’ visions, compare their positions, and ask questions.

Downtown Needs Parks and Greenspaces
When the Town Center Plan was developed 30 years ago the Vision was for a vibrant downtown to include residents. Over the years, a flood of downtown residents followed. To maintain a high quality of life, Decatur must have quality public spaces to serve all these new residents. Downtown greenspaces remain limited. As we plan for the future we can look for those underused or paved spaces that can be turned into new parks. In the meantime, DDN has partnered with the City Schools of Decatur and the City to establish a temporary park at the corner of Trinity Place and Commerce Dr. Watch for more passive activity as we program for the use of the temporary park!

Thank you to all DDN members for their interest and involvement in bringing your voice to the table for the enhancement of your quality of life. We will continue to do the best we can for our neighborhood, its where we live!